Nature Conservation Area of Töreki

The natural heritage area and fish-ponds in Töreki can be found in the valley situated on the west confines of Siófok. The pricipal wort of the 300-hectare-land are the Cinege brook and the river-system, which consists of ten fish-ponds. The head spring of the brook is also prevented. The caracteristic of this area is the great variedness of the landscape, you can find lakes, marsh, meadow, grassplot and forest hereThis variedness provides living-space for many valuable living creatures. The south confine of the area is an 80-year-old Turkey oak and oak forest. In 1998 a 9 km-long path was built, which introduces the tipical flora and fauna of the landscape with boards written in Hungarian, German, and Latin. You can find the living-space of hundreds af bank swallow colonies here. The migration way of European bird species can be found here, the fish-ponds provide resting and feeding place for many migratory birds during the autumn and the spring. Picknickers can spend their time in a resting place in the forest or by the lake. Nature conservation and bird-watcher camps are often organised for the youth here. The nature conservation area is preserved by the Municipality of Siófok.


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