TAMED-EX surgical private institute     Vénusz Hotel  
8600 Siófok         8600 Siófok  
Budai Nagy Antal street 6       Kinizsi Pál street 3  
www.tamedex.hu         www.venuszhotel.hu
sebeszet@tamedex.hu       info@venuszhotel.hu
Previous examination (consultation):   necessary    
Examinations preceding the surgery:   examination of ear-nose-throat
          laboratory examination  
Term of surgery:       60 minutes    
Stay at hospital:       2-3 hours      
Suggested stay at the hotel:     1 week      
Suture removal:       7. day      
Control examinations:     1., 4. week    
          3. month      
          1 year      
Clinical price:       643.- €      
Price for the suggested stay at the hotel:   from 266.- €    
Contact:         info@venuszhotel.hu  



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